APS and SRP Cool Cash AC Rebates

Before we Talk APS and SRP AC Rebates, Let’s Talk Utility Rate Plans

I have good news and bad news regarding utility rebates for SRP and APS customers who purchase a new central air conditioning and heating system. The good news is for anyone who is an SRP Customer, and the bad news is for anyone who is an APS customer.

I’m not trying to “poke the bear” when I say I’m very glad I’m personally an SRP customer because I really do feel bad for anyone in APS territory.

If you aren’t yet aware, APS recently enacted fairly significant rate increases and we have spoken to many clients that are having trouble trying to figure out the confusing new rate plans, some of which have extremely high surcharges.

Choosing the wrong plan, or not adapting your lifestyle to avoid high surcharges could lead some homeowners and business owners in APS territory to receive unexpected high bills, especially this summer during air conditioning season.

Note 1: I’ll publish an article in the near future that helps explain each plan in more detail, but for now it’s important to understand that you will be penalized if your demand is too high all at one time. EX. Your electric dryer, AC, and oven (for example) are all on at the same time – especially during the “new” peak demand hours. It’s best to “stagger” the usage of each with the new plans.

Note 2: If advised to “supercool” your home by APS (or anyone else for that matter), be sure yourhome and air conditioning system are right first. You can accomplish this by having a home energy audit conducted. If not, you might get a whopper of a power bill at the end of the month.


 APS AC Rebate Program Almost Out of Funds

Now the latest bad news for APS customers: The APS AC rebate program, which according to their website are “…funded by APS customers…”is almost out of funds, and only three hundred of the utility’s 1.2 million customers will get to take advantage of the programs remaining money.

According to one APS official, “We only have enough [funds] to give 300 more [AC rebates] for the remainder of 2018”. Even more disheartening, of the almost two thousand licensed HVAC companies in Arizona, approximately 150 of them, like Magic Touch Mechanical, are APS qualified contractors who participate in the AC rebate program. APS has decided to divide the remaining rebates up amongst the participating contractors – meaning each company will only receive a couple of rebates to offer for the remainder of the year.

In other words, your chances of getting a rebate are slim to none after the next few weeks.

Granted, APS’s AC rebates are a set maximum amount of $200 per new AC unit as opposed to SRP’s Cool Cash AC rebate of up to $800 per AC unit…but hey, two hundred dollars is two hundred dollars!


SRP Cool Cash AC Rebates – the “Good News”

If you’re an SRP customer, the news is much better. Not only is SRP power provided at a lower cost than APS, they have not structured their rate plans to penalize customers with the same simultaneous demand.

That said, I’ll skip right to the good news about SRP’s Cool Cash AC Rebate Program. You can receive as much as $800 per new AC unit installed in your home!

Here’s how that breaks down:

  • New air conditioners with an energy efficiency rating of 16 SEER or higherreceive a$400 cash rebate.
  • New air conditioners with an energy efficiency rating of 17 SEER or higherreceive a$600 cash rebate.
  • New air conditioners with a Variable Speed Compressorwill receive a $800 cash rebate.


How to get the SRP Cool Cash AC Rebate 

  • Only AC units installed by an SRP Certified Contractor like Magic Touch Mechanical qualify for Cool Cash AC rebates. In our case, we handle all the paperwork and submittals for our clients so all you do is wait 4-8 weeks for your check to show up in the mail.
  • Only single family detached homes, single family attached homes (with up to four attached dwellings), mobile homes, and condos (with up to four attached dwellings) qualify.
  • The new AC unit must replace an existing unit. New construction does not qualify.
  • An ACCA Manual-J (load calculation) must be submitted with the rebate application.

There are a few more conditions that must be met that your AC installing contractor shouldtake care of in order for you to qualify for the rebates. If you are still reading you are probably an SRP customer, so just call Magic Touch Mechanical and we’ll handle everything for you!