How Long Does an Air Conditioner Last in Phoenix?

“How long will an air conditioner last?” This is a question that any HVAC technician hears from customers when they’re considering making an investment in a new cooling system for their home, or deciding if repair is worthwhile. When it comes to air conditioning installations in Phoenix, AZ and nearby cities, people are curious about their AC lifespan for obvious reasons.

With temperatures above 100°F almost every day of the summer (and frankly the Spring in Central Arizona too), many of the those days exceeding 110°F…that adds up to many more cooling hours than central air conditioning in other parts of the country. Unfortunately, that means we tend to “use up” our air conditioners life quicker too.

Air Conditioning Lifespan Depends on a Number of Factors

There’s no single answer to “how long will an AC last in Phoenix”? Different factors come into play for a cooling system’s service life. The general answer is that the majority of major manufacturer air conditioning systems will run for about 10 to 15 years under the Arizona heat…shorter than the national average.

A system that was poorly installed, or is oversized / undersized for the house will experience an extrememly shortened lifespan. Over the last twenty years, Magic Touch Mechanical has replaced hundreds of AC units all over the Mesa – Phoenix area that never stood a chance at a long life for these reasons. (Always, always, let a professional handle air conditioning installation to ensure a properly sized system, installed, and commisioned – this is not a “my buddy can do it” situation!)

Heat pumps in general, have shorter lifespans than standard air conditioners because they work more often than an AC, as they handle heating needs as well. These all electric units utilize a component known as a reversing valve to, as the name implies; reverse the air conditioning cycle and heat your home. That said, nowadays we are almost forced to replace natural gas furnaces (even before their time) whenever we change out an air conditioning “system”, as the AC condenser, evaporator coil, and furnace all make up a “system matchup”. A system match up basically means the manufacturer got third party approval from AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) to certify the efficiency that combination of equipment can achieve when paired together – and properly installed.

In parts of the country that experience less extreme summers than Phoenix, an AC’s lifespan, according to the U.S. Department of Energy is 15 to 20 years.

Air conditioners in Arizona can achieve the national average if they receive the right care—and if they’re neglected they can need a replacement sooner than even 10 years. Magic Touch has been providing air conditioner installations in Mesa, AZ and a 30-mile radius around it for 20-years now. We have customers who are just now calling us for replacement again because their systems were properly designed, sized, installed, and maintained.

Much of Your AC’s Lifespan Is in Your Hands (And Ours)

Or perhaps we should say is in the hands of the people you choose to care for it. But it starts with you committing to the best care for the AC to see that it delivers as many years of service as possible. If you neglect to maintain your air conditioner and keep it up to manufacturer specifications, or you trust that care to amateurs without experience or proper licensing…you may end up with an air conditioner that will only make it through a few summers before it has to be replaced. That may sound like a stretch, but unfortunately we’ve seen this too many times to count.

Here are a few essentials of care to help see you have air conditioning in Mesa, AZ that lasts 15 or more years:

  • Regular Air Filter Changes: This is a simple step, but people often neglect it. With an AC working so frequently during the summer, we recommend you check monthly on the air filter to see if it’s ready to be replaced. It seems almost cliché, you hear it so many times from HVAC technicians and blogs like this, but think about it like this – how long will your car last if you don’t change dirty oil often enough?
  • Routine Maintenance: This is another easy step to take, because you only have to contact us to arrange for air conditioning maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ or elsewhere in the Valley through one of our maintenance programs. If you have a heat pump, make sure to have maintenance for it done biannually, the same way you would call your air conditioning company to maintain your furnace in the fall, and AC in the spring.
  • Repair without Delay: We offer air conditioning repairs in Gilbert, AZ and the whole of the Valley, done right and done on time. There’s no reason to delay when you believe your AC has a malfunction, no matter how small it might seem. A fast response to a problem is essential to ensure the cooling system doesn’t suffer additional wear and tear that will reduce its lifespan. Keep your AC in top repair shape, and it should reward you with a long service life.

It’s part of our job as air conditioning experts with experience in the heat of Arizona to help air conditioners stretch past the 15 year mark and make it toward the national average. Rely on us and we’ll help you get the best return on your investment in a great cooling system in Chandler, AZ.

Magic Touch Mechanical serves Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Call us today to experience our award-winning customer service first-hand. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!