3 Benefits of a Zone Control System for Your New AC Installation

Are you in the market for the installation of a central air conditioning system, either for a new home or as a replacement for an older AC? Here is something you should consider including as part of the installation: zone control.

A zone control system uses dampers placed inside the ductwork to divide up a home so that you don’t have to send conditioned air to every single room each time the air conditioner comes on. Individual thermostats connected to each damper allow people to control the temperature for whatever zone they are in, while a central thermostat allows control over all the zones.

Here 3 reasons why having zone control as part of your new air conditioner is a good idea:

ONE: Energy savings

Why waste money on cooling down empty rooms that don’t need it? Zone control allows you to expend power only on occupied rooms. This is especially helpful if you live in a large home, or you have a guest room that is frequently vacant.

TWO: Individual comfort

Do you often have family members arguing over where to set the thermostat? This is a common occurrence, since people often have different temperature needs. Zone control lets each person in your household set the temperature wherever they are to their liking—and that means a great deal more harmony in the house.

THREE: Temperatures matched to room purposes

Rooms can have different temperature needs as well. A kitchen will require more cooling power when it is in use, while a baby’s room should be kept warmer than other parts of the house. Bedrooms with higher light exposure will benefit from more air conditioning, while a ground floor room with small windows will benefit from less. Zone control allows you to keep each room at its ideal temperature.

If you want to find out more about installing zone control as part of your next AC installation, or if you are interested in having zone control added to your current HVAC system, call Magic Touch Mechanical in Phoenix, AZ today.