Trane XV18 with Trane XC80 | AC and Gas Furnace

The Trane XV18 with Trane XC80 combines variable speed cooling with two-stage heating. This is Trane’s “other” variable speed AC that for significantly less money than the Trane XV20i.

Trane XV18 with Trane XC80

Trane has two variable speed cooling systems, the XV20i matched with the XC80 is their most premium. For those who want a variable speed air conditioner on a tighter budget, the Trane XV18 with Trane XC80 is the answer.

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What You Get: Trane XV18 with Trane XC80


Variable-speed everything!

When you match the Trane XV18 with Trane XC80, you get a whole arsenal of variable speed technology. This HVAC system combination utilizes the same furnace as it’s big brother the XV20i, and the same Trane ClimaTuff compressor. The biggest difference between the two systems is the cabinet design.


Trane XV18 with Trane XC80 Sound Ratings as Low as 55dB

Quiet is an understatement when talking about the Trane XV18 with Trane XC80! Consider this, a normal conversation between two people is somewhere between 60 and 65 decibels. This system operates as low as 55 decibels.


Industry Leading Factory Warranty

Nothing Stops A Trane! With a tagline like that, you better build a great product. Not only that, you better back it up with one of the best warranties in the business. If you ask us they did just that on both counts.

Trane includes a 12-year compressor warranty, 20-year heat exchanger warranty, and 10-year coil and functional parts warranty*

*Product registration required. NOTE: When you choose Magic Touch Mechanical to install your new air conditioning and heating system, we register the product to enforce your warranty on your behalf.

Fully Transferrable Warranty

Unlike manufacturer warranties on many HVAC systems, the warranty on this matchup is transferrable to the new homeowners if you sell your home.