Lennox XP25 with CBA38MV


Lennox’s “ULTIMATE” Split Heat Pump System – Lennox XP25 – CBA38MV


Lennox XP25 with CBA38MV Heat Pump System

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The inverter driven variable speed compressor in the Lennox XP25 Condenser (outdoor unit) coupled with the variable speed blower motor inside the Lennox CBA38MV air handler (indoor unit), is one of the best heat pump and air conditioning system’s on the market today. Built to quietly and efficiently handle the toughest of summer days, even the Phoenix, AZ climate is no match for it’s reliable capabilities!

This is not your father’s heat pump either! Today’s heat pumps are capable of keeping your home and your family comfortable through even the coldest Arizona night. The variable speed technology utilized in both the indoor and outdoor unit work together to maintain even temperatures. When installed properly, it can keep every room in your home to within one half of one degree!

Note: Prior to 2018 this heat pump condenser was paired with the CBX40UHV or CBX32MV air handler.