Gree Flexx Heat Pump

The Gree Flexx Heat Pump is the “2023 Best Value” Inverter-driven Variable Speed System. It’s Quiet, Efficient, & Affordable!


Gree Flexx Variable Speed Heat Pump System

See In-Depth Details About the Gree Flexx Ducted “Side Discharge” Heat Pump


Gree Flexx Heat Pump Efficiency Ratings


  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings as high as 20.0 in cooling
  • EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) up to 12.50
  • HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor) ratings as high as 10.5


There’s no other inverter-driven variable speed unit on the market with SEER ratings up to 20.o, EER ratings up to 12.5, and HSPF ratings as high as 10.5 for the price of the Gree Flexx. Low price does not mean “cheap” when it comes to the Gree unit either, it’s a well-built machine backed by a 10-year warranty. In fact, our company owner not only owns one himself … he installed one in his mom’s home too!