How to Upgrade Your Gas Fireplace

There are many ways to upgrade your gas fireplace for convenience, beauty, functionality, safety, or all the above. Here are a few a few of the most popular upgrades with Magic Touch Mechanical clients in the Phoenix area. $60 OFF Fireplace Cleaning & Maintenance  Adding a Switch to Light Your Gas Fireplace Once you’ve owned […]

Cost to Operate Christmas Lights

How Much Do Christmas Lights Cost to Operate? We don’t sell or install lighting products at Magic Touch Mechanical, but we have conducted thousands of home energy audits in the Mesa – Phoenix, Arizona area. Lighting costs are one of the many things we calculate when modeling a home’s energy usage and carbon footprint. The […]

The Best New AC Unit – A Complete Guide

Updated 11/7/2021   The Best New AC Unit – A Complete Guide; to help you choose the best option for you. Buying a new AC unit is one of the largest home improvement (replacement) purchases most homeowners will make according to experts. New central air and heating, roofing, and new windows rounding out the top of that list. However, […]