Trane vs American Standard, what is the difference?

American Standard vs Trane? What is the difference between Trane and American Standard?

We hear it time and time again; is the Trane better than the American Standard, is the American Standard better than the Trane? The answer is simple, yes!

OK, just kidding here’s the bottom line from someone who has been to the American Standard/Trane manufacturing facilities in person several times…they are EXACTLY the same! You’ll notice I referred to the manufacturing facilities of both “brand names” as one. That was no accident!

Trane an American Standard Company

Trane an American Standard Company

Not only are both brands manufactured in the same facility (the largest of the facilities located in Tyler, Texas), they go down the same assembly lines and are put together by the same people, on the same conveyer belts, by the same machines…sometimes right next to each other! So what is the difference? Well there are two major differences…the first is paint color (although they go through the same paint booth) and the other is the sticker (Trane gets an orange sticker and American Standard gets a blue sticker). The “Mother” company of Trane / American Standard brands is the manufacturing giant, Ingersoll Rand.

So why does the Trane cost more? Take it from a contractor that was a Trane “Comfort Specialist Dealer” for more than ten years who made the switch to become an American Standard “Comfort Care Dealer” in recent years…the equipment cost is virtually the same between the two brand names, in fact they are within a few dollars of each other model by model.

The main reason most contractors charge more for Trane than for American Standard is; Trane charges their dealers a “marketing fund” (in some areas) which is attached to each piece of equipment purchased. The air conditioning and heating contractor (dealer) naturally needs to add that into their costs, and ultimately the consumer pays for the marketing and advertising of the Trane brand.

The American Standard name brand is not subject to the same marketing fund, as the American Standard name is already a well known and globally recognized brand, typically associated with plumbing fixtures and products.

The other major difference is the distribution network, which varies throughout the country. In some parts of the country the brands are distributed through wholesalers and in other areas the brand may have a factory owned distribution warehouse.

We have found the service from these networks really varies by location which ultimately leads to the contractors and then ultimately the end users experience. In our own company we made the switch for no other reason than to offer the best experience and pricing we could for our loyal clients.

The reason we offer several different brands when proposing a new system installation (we also carry the Lennox, Mitsubishi, and Magic Touch Air brands) is really because we believe in promoting Magic Touch Mechanical not the A/C Manufacturer brand. We chose these brands based on quality, reliability and features and each offers unique features and qualities that may better suit one over the other based on the application and features that are important to our clients.

All third party industry experts will tell you the most important part of the equation for the consumer is the caliber of the installing company…more important than the brand, model and efficiency!

Even the best of equipment, most reliable of equipment, most efficient of equipment can be the wrong choice if not installed correctly or commissioned correctly.

So the next time you’re wondering, American Standard vs. Trane? You really should be asking yourself, Contractor A vs. Contractor B! Who did a more thorough evaluation of my home? Who performed a load calculation? Who inspected my duct work? Who offered a more detailed “scope of work”? Who has a better reputation with the BBB, Angie’s List,, etc!

Stay cool!